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Sending my plays to over 220 subscribers

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LarrysLocks2's Plays
LarrysLocks2's Plays

What to expect

Plays per day 5 - 9
Written analysis Limited
Bankroll management 1 unit = 1.50% of bankroll
Specialties Data-driven Plays, Spread, 1H

Recent plays

72+ hours old

CBB 1/23

LarrysLocks2 Published 3 days, 15 hours ago

2 units
Virginia Tech -2.5

1 unit
Baylor -2

CBB 1/22

LarrysLocks2 Published 4 days, 22 hours ago

3 unit
Indiana -4.5

1 unit
Maryland +9
Wichita St +2

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About me

Expect strong profit spread across a high volume approach. And for the benefit of my subscribers, I share which books are associated with the lines that I include in my plays. My performance is documented daily and I recap all of my plays for subscribers.

Learn more about me in my Capper Q&A and learn more about my consistent approach to profitability in DubCast Episode 7 🎙.

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My performance

I’m up over 600 units since January 2020 when I started sports handicapping professionally.
All my performance info is updated here: LarrysLocks2 Performance Tracker.

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